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Ross Learmonth Live

Fri - 27 Sep 2024 - 19:00

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  • Ross Learmonth is an accomplished songwriter and vocalist with over 20 years experience on the local and international touring circuit. Ross was the songwriter and front man of South Africa’s most iconic rock band, Prime Circle until 2023. With releasing 7 albums, most of which reached gold or platinum sales status, Ross is no stranger to success. In 2021 he started experimenting with his solo sound, releasing his first solo album, Carousel in 2023

    Ross Learmonth has come full circle as an artist; having literally grown up in music. His sound is authentic and vulnerable; the output of a mature and secure artist. And he enters this new professional era with one focus in mind: to connect with his audience. To give them spaces that allow for their own interpretations of the lyrics of a song. Spaces to become part of the music by lending a little bit of themselves thereto. So join us for a night at Fairtree Atterbury Theatre as Ross takes you on a musical journey through his career – a performance that will ensure to get you to your feet!

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